OMG! My Wedding Makeup Trial Was a Disaster

You must be pissed off right now. Time and money wasted on a wedding makeup trial and still no makeup artist. Was her makeup skill out of touch, or maybe not up to par? Was she unprofessional or just sloppy looking? What about her products? Were they only half-cleaned, or better yet, substandard? There’s nothing worse than being less than a month away from the wedding of your dreams and you have no makeup artist.

Your Wedding Makeup Trial from Hell

Your appointment is scheduled for 5pm and your makeup artist arrives at 5:30pm. Now you have to push back your dress fitting appointment, and your appointment to go pay the venue. You’re already rolling your eyes but keeping optimistic because, really, you just have no choice.

No apologies. She barely knows your name or pronounces it incorrectly. Forgot everything you told her or emailed her about your wedding. She’s obviously trying to wing it and all you can think of is “This chic better be good!” cosmetic brush manufacturers

Thirty-five minutes she says she is complete but when you look in the mirror, there are obvious problems. Your foundation is blended well but, it’s the wrong color. You look like ghost. Your eyeliner seems crooked and your eyelashes feel like they are falling off. However, she assures you that your eyelashes are on tight.

You absolutely hate your look – and to add insult to injury, you have to pay for this disastrous wedding makeup trial.

How to Avoid a Bad Wedding Makeup Trial

Let’s face it. No bride wants to experience a horrible wedding makeup trial like this. While some things (like your makeup artist’s attitude) are just completely out of your hands, there are some factors that are absolutely avoidable. Your goal is to put yourself in the best scenario possible to foster a near-perfect wedding makeup trial experience.

Ask Questions. You know what your face looks like and what you may want it to look like on your wedding day. Is there a tattoo on your neck you want covered? Do you want highlights and contouring like Kim Kardashian? Share this information with your makeup artist and find out if she is capable of creating your ultimate wedding day makeup look.

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